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Package size | 30 ml |
Ingredients |

1.0 ml of the medicinal product contains 0.067 ml each of:
Amanita muscaria D4, Arctium D3, Berberis vulgaris D3, Carbo vegetabilis D10, Carex arenaria e rhiz. sicc. D3, Echinacea D2, Graphites D12, Hedera helix D6, Inula helenium e rad. rec. D2, Knautia arvensis D2, Linaria vulgaris e herba rec. D3, Populus tremuloides Ø, Scrophularia nodosa D3, Sulfur D6, Ulmus campstris D3.

Possible combination |

How to use:

For personalized therapy, application and dosage according to healthcare professional.
Homeopathic remedies are not to be used over a longer period of time without professional advice.

Keep remedy out of children’s reach.
Shake bottle well before use.
Store original-bottle tightly closed.
Storage at room temperature (15°C to 25°C).
Do not use beyond date of expiry.

Do not use REGENAPLEX Nr. 26d if hypersensitive to Arctium, Echinacea, Inula helenium or to other plants of the daisy family. Do not use in case of progressive systemic diseases such as tuberculosis, illness of the white blood cells (Leukemia), collagenous diseases (systemic autoimmune diseases with defects in the connective tissue as with lupus erythematosus), autoimmune diseases or multiple sclerosis, AIDS, HIV infections or other chronicle viral diseases.

Special caution is necessary if you are pregnant or breast-feeding. Due to the lack of sufficiently documented experience for this REGENAPLEX in such cases, ask your doctor or pharmacist for advice before taking this medicine. With children below the age of 12, this REGENAPLEX should only be used after medical consultation, due to the lack of sufficiently documented experience for this remedy.

Other medicines and this REGENAPLEX: No interactions known as of date
General advice: The effect of a homeopathical remedy can be influenced negatively by life-style factors as stimulants and luxury food. If you take any other medication inform your healthcare professional accordingly.

Method of administration:

The use of this REGENAPLEX requires individual dosing by a homeopatically experienced professional. Without professional advice do not take more than 5 drops.  For continuation of the therapy it is recommended to consult a homoepathically experienced health care professional; also if symptoms worsen or no improvement shows even after several days.

Homeopathic remedies are not to be used over a longer period of time without professional advice. This REGENAPLEX should not be used longer than eight weeks without the advice of a doctor. In case of further questions to the use of the medication ask your doctor of pharmacist.

Possible side effects:
In isolated cases, hypersensitivity reactions may occur. For medicines containing coneflower preparations (Echinacea), skin rash, itching, rarely facial swelling, dyspnoea, dizziness and drop in blood pressure were observed. In these cases you should stop taking the medicine and see your doctor.

Note: When using homeopathic remedies, symptoms may initially worsen (preliminary worsening). If worsening continues, stop using this REGENAPLEX and consult your healthcare professional or pharmacist.
If you notice a side effect, not listed above, please inform your healthcare professional or pharmacist.

Warnings and precautions
Contains 51 Vol.-% Alcohol

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