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50 years of REGENA

In 2013 REGENA celebrated its 50th anniversary at Baden-Baden (Germany). A historical occasion to look back on the long and stony road of the founder Günter Carl Stahlkopf. Given up by his doctors, when suffering from a severe illness, he developed his own homeopathic remedies and his own therapy. After recovering from his illness, he convinced more and more doctors and therapist to use this REGENA Therapy and spread his ideas far beyond the borders of Germany.

REGENA’s success, however, is not only the success of one person, but one of all the therapists, using REGENAPLEX-remedies for their patients and sharing their knowledge and experience within the REGENA-Academy, that was founded by Monique Stahlkopf in 2002.

REGENA also is the story of a family. A family, which would not exist, if Günter Stahlkopf had not been able to heal himself. After his passing, in 2000, at the age of 82, the REGENA group’s management was passed on to his wife, Monique Stahlkopf, which after some years turned over responsibilities to her eldest daughter Cécile Mandefield. It is her challenge now, to continue his philosophy, standing for the success of the REGENA-Therapy and its remedies, and combine it with the demand of modern times.

More to milestones of the firm history you can find here: Company and History

Date and Place : November 1, 2013 in Baden-Baden

REGENA 50-jähriges Jubiläum